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If you are looking for a solution to your waste or quality management system, you are at the right place. We will make you aware of the methods to eliminate defects and reduce waste production in your industry. No matter what size or background you possess, you can always benefit from Lean Six Sigma.

Lean and Six Sigma principles deal with the various aspects that don’t add value to the business. It helps you implement value-added steps only. There is much more to know how exactly this methodology works. So, let’s begin. 

LSS Minnesota-Hennepin County MN

Lean Six Sigma: A systematic approach to waste removal

In every industry, some activities don’t contribute to the productivity of the business. In other words, customers don’t pay for those products willingly. Rather, it simply leads to customer dissatisfaction and the company’s downfall.

Lean Six Sigma is the best solution to all such problems. It keeps a check on all wasteful activities, improving your process efficiency. Ultimately, with Lean Six Sigma, you’re able to produce better products that are liked by the customers.

Five lean principles and Six Sigma strategy

Lean principles aim to: 

  • Seek continual improvement
  • Identify customer’s demand
  • Map the value stream 
  • Implement better management strategies
  • Reduce cost production 

Lean and Six Sigma is an integrated approach to bring exceptional changes in a company’s performance. It’s difficult, of course, to bring the desired results if applied in isolation. Implementation of various Six Sigma tools is a way to up-level the organizational agility. 

Role of lean Six Sigma Belts 

It’s important to understand the different levels of Lean Six Sigma, signified by four main belts.

Lean Yellow Belt: This belt possesses an initial understanding of lean Six Sigma principles. If you are a newbie in the Lean Six Sigma domain, it is for you. You’ll become an active team member and will assist green and black belts in Lean Six Sigma projects.

Lean Green Belt: It plays a leadership role as well as works to support large-scale projects. It shows you a direction to attain a black. A green belt has better knowledge of LSS than the yellow belt but works more or less under the black belt.

Lean Black Belt: It has an expert team that leads Six Sigma projects. Professionals are meant to train the lower Six Sigma belts within the organization. 

Yet not convinced? Well, we are here in Minnesota to get you certified in the smoothest possible way. Read on to know about Lean Six Sigma Experts of Minnesota


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Lean Six Sigma experts of Minnesota have been contributing to the professional and ethical development of various industries for many years. We are known for delivering quality LSS services. 

Our company offers different courses at minimal prices to enroll for the certification. We have fully organized training programs, auditing experts, and trainers. Although you may find the process a bit complex, it will be pretty smooth only if you approach our team.

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