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Lean Six Sigma has been there for quite a while. However, it’s only been a few years that companies and individuals have started realizing the value of Lean Six Sigma. Companies have been able to successfully remove waste and reduce variations from their systems and improve their profits.

If you’re someone who wants to unleash the benefits of Lean Six Sigma, this is the right place. We’re Lean Six Sigma Experts of Minnesota. Our company has been helping other companies and individuals in implementing and getting certified to LSS, respectively. And we can help you too. So, contact us now. And read along to know more about LSS and what services we offer.

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What is Lean Six Sigma, and who is it for 

The implementation may be hard, but understanding LSS is not that hard. It’s a set of processes according to which companies have to work. And when they do, the companies can effectively remove waste processes and reduce variations from their systems.

LSS is a process improvement methodology that helps in producing better products and services for customers. It also helps in improving the profits and revenue of your firm.  

Now, LSS is for companies, individuals, and high school students. Yes, it can benefit them all. For companies, you have to implement the principles to witness the changes. You have to prepare for and clear the certification exam for employees or individuals, which boosts your career and your value.

For high school students, it acts as a curriculum according to which they proceed in their daily lives. However, benefitting from LSS is tougher than it looks. You need an expert LSS consultant and trainer like us who stays with you from the start till the end.  

Services we offer at Alabama Lean Six Sigma Experts

Lean Six Sigma Certification

LSS certifications, believe it or not, can enhance your career in the quality Management Domain. LSS certifications are like the skill set which employers are actively looking for in the resumes of people they’re hiring. But most of them miss the skill, which is why they end up taking poorly paying jobs. 

However, you can be different and take up LSS belts and become better than the others. Here are the certifications or belts we can help you with:

Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Implementing Lean Six Sigma is harder than it looks. If you’re completely new to the methodology, you’ll face numerous common problems while implementing the principles on your own. Also, you may not be able to achieve the purpose without proper guidance. And this is why we exist.

Lean Six Sigma Experts of Minnesota has experienced consultants who will help you with the entire implementation process. First, our professionals will create strategies according to how your company operates. This helps in easy implementation and also aids in achieving the results better. 

The ultimate goal is to remove or eliminate processes that are wase and reduce variation to endure consistent product and service delivery. And this is what our consultant will help you with. So, connect with our professionals and make the process super easy.

LSS Minnesota- Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Students of High School

LSS is a unique system that solves numerous problems for companies and individuals who operate in the Quality Management domain. It has simple techniques which you can implement to remove waste, reduce variation and boost your career by getting certified to Lean Six Sigma belts.

But recently, LSS has been implemented by numerous high schools too. High school students have shown a positive response and have significantly improved in their outlook toward things. If you want to know how it can benefit your high school students, read along. 

LSS Minnesota- Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

Lean Six Sigma & its importance for high school students.

The LSS comes with simple processes which are easy to implement, even for high school students. Take Lean Six Sigma yellow belt, for example. This belt or certification can teach high school students the skill of dealing with things professionally and not casually. One can also become a good team member by working according to the LSS yellow belt. 

With a green belt, students can learn how to solve problems and find the same root cause. It’ll also help them make better choices based on real-time data. Let’s now find out what benefits it has for high school students in detail:

Problem-solving skills are necessary for everyone, be it a professional or a high school student. After all, problems don't come to a particular age group. And LSS can teach your students how to deal with problems in a more effective manner.

Looking at different problems from a different perspective, most of the time helps in finding the right solution. But this is not something you'll find commonly in people. Most of the time, people look at different problems with the same perspective and expect different results, which is not possible.

And this prevents them from solving the problems, let alone solving them on time. But with LSS methodology, you can change the perspective of looking at problems which will help them devise better solutions.

You can help your students make choices that are based on real-time data. Most professionals, even in managerial positions, lack such skills and make poor choices hastily. However, you can stop it from happening by implementing LSS in your high school. It will help them make better decisions that are more accurate, calculated, and dependable.

Non-Value-added services are those which reduce productivity or efficiency and add nothing to the overall business. And value-added services are the exact opposite of it. However, most individuals are unable to identify the type of processes, let alone remove the negative ones from the system.

And this is something you can prevent by learning LSS. LSS curriculum can help your students make out the difference between value-added and non-value-added services. This will help them become efficient right from the start and will also improve their value.

A confident employee or person works better than an average person and works efficiently. And this is something you can ensure with Lean Six Sigma. LSS comes with easy-to-implement techniques that your high school students can implement.

On implementation, they can make better decisions and handle situations more professionally. This way, the students can accomplish more things and achieve better, which will boost their self-worth and confidence.

Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma training is for all those individuals who want to certify for different Lean Six Sigma belts. For LSS certification, you need to prove your compliance to the auditors. The procedure is different from that of an ISO certification. 

Here you need to prepare and clear an exam that assesses you for various skills related to Lean Six Sigma. And this exam is quite tough- which is why you need the training. Lean Six Sigma Experts of Minnesota has the best trainers to help you prepare for the belts you need to achieve.

Before preparing, our professionals will also help you find which belt or certification you’re eligible for. And after that, our trainers will help you with the preparation. Our training methods, courses, and sessions are unique and designed to ensure a hundred percent knowledge transfer.

Also, we’re available both online and offline. So, even if you’re not in Minnesota, our services are within your reach. Contact us now and make your success definite.

Why are Lean Six Sigma Experts of Minnesota best for Lean Six Sigma Services

Lean Six Sigma can benefit professionals, companies, and even high school students. However, it requires adequate implementation of the principles and effective training. And this is why our company exists. Our company helps companies, individuals, and schools benefitting from Lean Six Sigma.

Our expert LSS consultants have been in this field for quite a while. And this has helped us closely work with the Lean Six Sigma principles. So, if you’re in Minnesota, you should come to us for Lean Six Sigma services like every other individual and company. Here is why companies prefer hiring us:

Consultants and trainers must create unique strategies that are customized according to how the company operates. It's important as different companies operate differently, and if you use generic strategies, it won't prove to be effective enough.

And this is what our professionals keep in mind. While implementing Lean Six Sigma principles, our professionals create customized strategies according to how your company operates. This way, our consultants make sure that you're able to remove or eliminate waste and reduce variation. It's the reason why our success rate is so high. So, if you want to ensure your success, contact our professionals.

Having experienced LSS professionals on your side will help you prevent common errors or mistakes most newbies commit. It'll help you save time as everything will be going on perfectly. And this is what you'll experience with Lean Six Sigma Experts of Minnesota. Our company features experienced trainers and consultants who have dealt with thousands of projects successfully. So, we have the experience, skills, resources, and probably everything to help you achieve the results you desire.

When it comes to LSS training and consultation, most companies and individuals refrain from it because of the associated costs. It's because most companies charge too high and do not offer the expected results.

However, you won't have to face anything like that with us. Lean Six Sigma Experts of Minnesota offer LSS services at competitive prices. The prices of our services may not be the lowest, but they're definitely affordable. So, if you're looking for both effective and affordable LSS services, our company is the best.

LSS Minnesota- Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

How will our professionals help you?

Consultants from our company will help you understand the LSS principles and implement the same in your company. Our consultants will make sure that you’re able to achieve the purpose of Lean Six Sigma principles, removing waste and reducing variations across the products and services.

This way, the entire burden will shift from your shoulders to ours, and you can focus on your daily tasks within the company. Trainers from our company will help you prepare for Lean Six Sigma certifications, be it black, yellow, or green.

With our interactive sessions, we’ll make sure that you prepare well to get certified to the belts you desire in the first attempt. You can choose both in-house and online training as we offer them both. And, if you’re a school owner, we can help you too.

We have experts at our company who have helped numerous schools implement the LSS curriculum in their high schools. Our professionals will make sure that your students are able to reap the true benefits of Lean Six Sigma. So, you can trust us.

Contact us now!

Lean Six Sigma Experts of Minnesota have made LSS implementation and certification easy for hundreds of companies and individuals, respectively. And we can do that same with you too. Our services are both affordable and effective. So, call now to get the best Lean Six Sigma support.

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However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.