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Lean Six Sigma is mostly underrated because of its complex nature. It is true to some extent. But you should know that everything which you’re new to looks complex. And LSS is no exception to this. If you want the benefits of Lean Six Sigma, you can hire an expert like us and make your job easy.

Who are we? 

We’re Lean Six Sigma Experts of Minnesota – A full-service Lean Six Sigma consulting and training company serving the majority of cities in Minnesota. Our professionals help employees and companies unleashing the potential of Lean Six Sigma and its principles. We help companies & high schools by implementing LSS and individuals in achieving certifications. And we can help you too. So, connect with us now! 

LSS Minnesota Contact Us

Why should you come to us?

Experienced professionals

If you have reliable and experienced professionals on your side, everything becomes easy. And LSS implementation or training is no an exception to this. Our consultants and trainers hold expertise in their field and have dealt with hundreds of projects successfully.

It gives our professionals the experience and skills required to ensure your success. So, you can trust us and expect the best results.

Unique approach

You won’t find any of our professionals following an obsolete or generic approach. Instead, they create unique strategies customized just for your company. Now, when something’s made for your company, it’s highly likely to fit. And it’s the reason our success rate is so high. So, if you want to ensure your success, our company is the best go-to place for you.

Affordable prices

Lean Six Sigma Experts of Minnesota is a company known for its quality and affordable services. Our company offers competitive prices which may not be the lowest but definitely are affordable. We want our quality services to reach maximum individuals and companies. So, you need not worry about the finances.

Services we offer

Lean Six Sigma Experts of Minnesota is a full-services LSS company. It means we offer every Lean Six Sigma that you may need. Here are the services we offer: 

  • LSS Consulting: It’s for the companies who need assistance in implementing LSS principles in their companies to remove waste and reduce variations in their systems.
  • LSS Training: It’s for all the individuals who aspire to certify for different LSS belts. Here our professionals help the aspirants prepare for and clear the certification exams.
  • LSS Curriculum for High School Students: it’s for all the high schools who want to implement LSS in their schools to benefit high school students by preparing them for the future.

Our company offers assistance in achieving LSS green, yellow, and even black belt. So, you can come to us for whatever LSS service you need.


Contact us now!

As our professionals have successfully handled numerous implementation projects, helping you achieve the best results won’t be a problem for us. Also, our professionals prefer creating strategies that are customized according to how your company operates and works.

This makes the process even more effective. So, if you need help with LSS implementation, this is the best place for you.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.