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Lean Six Sigma assists you in managing waste reduction and eliminating trade differences. This credential will help both businesses and individuals advance in their professions. Lean Six Sigma is achievable, but it requires careful integration and awareness.

That is why you need the support and services of Lean Six Sigma Experts of Minnesota. We are experienced trainers and consultants who will assist you with understanding and properly implementing this certification. If you want more insights about this certification, continue reading.


What is Lean Six Sigma Certification?

The Lean Six Sigma certification focuses on strengthening your company’s management. This allows you to handle waste, time, variations, and various other factors that contribute significantly to the company’s development.

The Lean Six Sigma technique is a realistic and effective method for helping you and your employees expand the field of creativity. It aids in improving the ways of thinking of the company’s employees. They will be motivated to work on strengthening management and delivering better outcomes as a result of this.

This credential comprises two distinct methodologies that use identical techniques: Lean and Six Sigma. Lean works on reducing waste and optimizing business management. It assists you in managing and reducing waste, i.e., non-valuable possessions to customers or the business.

On the contrary, Six Sigma is mostly concerned with variation elimination and process management methods. This technique helps you understand the defects that will contribute to the demise of your business and career. This technique assists in numerous project control actions such as time management and process enhancement.

Certification levels

This method employs various certification levels that are awarded or accredited to particular people depending on their expertise.

The stages are explained below in ascending order of difficulty:

  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt– This qualification or belt is the most basic and easiest to get. You will require 1-3 weeks of preparation to fully understand this and pass the test. Yellow belts are awarded to newcomers in the business sector. It strengthens their resume and raises their odds of landing the position.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt– It is more complicated than the Yellow belt. Individuals who qualify for this belt have prior experience and understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt– Black belt is the most challenging of the three. Many who apply for this qualification have a wealth of experience and talent. People who have attained this degree of qualification are greater and superior to the other two.
LSS Minnesota- Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

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